The Rusian
In the forties, Juan Ruiz Campos, founder of the company, started with the exchange of charcoal among Ágreda (his origin village, in Soria) and Zaragoza. Because of his activity, he bought the wooded mounts of the area of Luesia and Uncastillo, to convert them into charcoal and to sell them later.
The Zaragoza- Ágreda transport, he did it with a cavalry pulled by two horses, therefore the trip lasted more than one day.
In 1955, he bought his first truck, which one it was called its "the Russian", because it was the same as the Soviets used when they came to Spain.
At that time, he made also Soria-Zaragoza-Valencia tours with another freights.

As info to indicate, Juan Ruiz had never driving license, because of that he needed always a driver. He was copilot and helped in the tasks of loading and offloading.

In 1959, a truck brand Barreiros was bought, and he sold the old truck. At that time, the coal business was not very prosperous in Spain, but luckily he opened doors to another kind of transport some years before.
In 1965, in Pedrola, a plastic bottles company (Industrias plásticas F.R.A.M.) was opened. Juan Ruiz started to work as hauler, leaving the rest activities which Juan dedicated previously himself.
In 1966, his old son, Santiago, started to work as driver. In turn he purchased a new branded truck Pegaso Comet since this had bigger load capacity than the previous one.
In 1970, he bought another truck again and hired a third driver, and worked for different companies:
INESPO (foam)
POLIGLAS (insulating)
F.R.A.M. (main customer company)
In 1972 he bought a truck Pegaso, a little more powerful than the previous ones and which was driven by the Juan's middle son, Fernando, the 4th truck.
In 1979 the company suffers a great change, with the entry of Jaime (Juan youngest son), he decides to change the social denomination of the company passing the possession to his 3 sons, in three equal parts; from that moment the company changed to be called "Hermanos Ruiz S.L." the founder remaining in the company but not as a board member.
In the same year it started to be worked for Realx industries, dedicated to the mattresses, which at present is one of the main customers of the company.
In 1983 another change in the company took place, by replacing the oldest truck, the first jumbo was bought. Stepp by step, in 1993 Hermanos Ruiz fleet has 10 jumbos.
In 1993 the company suffered a really big crisis, as the bankruptcy its main customer ("F.R.A.M.") appeared, Hermanos Ruiz S.L. got many non-payed invoices.
But this problems make new opportunities, and they started with the international transport.
Furthermore, in August of the same year Juan Ruiz, founder of the company, died. Another big challenge, to continue Juan's dream: his company.

In 1994 they moved to another facilities property of “Logística y Servicio Ruiz S.L.” in Pedrola

Today the location is around 22.000 m2, over 1.000 m2 Warehouse and 30 jumbos.